Sarah Ward, MSW, LCSW
Tel: (860) 917-9120
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:     What kinds of problems do you treat with therapy?
A:      There truly is no limit to what types of issues can benefit from therapeutic intervention. You will receive a detailed evaluation at the start of treatment to determine what symptoms you want to work on. Common problems identified for treatment include depression, anxiety and panic, bipolar disorders, anger management, grief and loss issues, domestic violence or abuse, relationship conflict, coping with trauma (including childhood abuse), self-harm behaviors, substance abuse and other addictions, impulse control problems, personality disorders, and others.

Q:     Do you specialize in any particular issues? 
A:      Yes. PPCCT offers expertise in the treatment of mood disorders (depression and bipolar disorders), post traumatic stress and generalized anxiety disorders, as well as substance abuse and behavioral addictions such as gambling and sex. Please Note: This practice serves adult clients only (age 18+).

Q:     How do I know if I or my loved one need therapy?
A:     Generally, a good rule of thumb is: If you are experiencing symptoms or problems that are interfering with your daily functioning (e.g., going to work, carrying on with existing relationships or making new ones, taking care of your health, etc), then you can benefit from professional therapeutic help.  It is common to feel responsible for solving your own problems, and to feel frustrated or to worry that you have "failed" when you are not able to overcome problems by yourself. However, if you consider it differently, the ability to ask for help and to obtain the right information and skills to achieve a solution are actually signs of strength.

Q:     How do I schedule an appointment?
A:    This is a Telehealth Only practice at this time, therefore all appointments are provided via a secure streaming video connection. Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 10:30am to 6:00pm. For the quickest response, please email or you may text or call the office at (860) 917-9120. 

Q:     Do you accept my health insurance plan?
A:    This office is a preferred in-network provider for Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Connecticut Medicaid (Husky) insurances. Please note that Medicare A and B are not accepted. EAP services are also available by specific request through KGA ( You may also utilize any type of commercial insurance plan that includes Out of Network benefits. We encourage you to verify your specific Out of Network insurance plan benefits before contacting us to initiate services to ensure that the anticipated costs will be manageable for you. 

Billing claims for appointments are submitted for a nominal fee to your insurance carrier on your behalf. 
Please be advised that co-pays are due at the time of service and are payable by debit/credit/HSA only.