Sarah Ward, MSW, LCSW
Tel: (860) 917-9120
Approach to Treatment
Sarah Ward, MSW, LCSW
My first priority as a therapist is to restore hope. Hope for positive change, for relief from emotional suffering, for new possibilities and new abilities. I believe in each person's capacity for growth, and I know that we can all benefit from a little guidance and fresh perspective at times. If your symptoms or problems have started to overwhelm you, if you have been left reeling from a past or present trauma, or if you simply feel lost, misunderstood, or in doubt about what to do next - I would like to help you regain balance and keep moving forward.

I always start by helping you find your strengths. From there, we add new skills, new ways of thinking, and new behavior patterns that can quickly and effectively produce the kinds of positive change you are seeking. You will also be encouraged to bring your partner or family in for support sessions because experience has shown that, for individual changes to last, they must be accompanied by changes in the relationship system that surrounds the individual as well.

I specialize in the treatment of mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder), anxiety and stress management - including post traumatic stress (PTSD), and addictions of all types (illicit substances, prescription abuse, alcoholism, and behavioral compulsions like gambling, sex, internet use/pornography, and video games). I am also extensively trained in the use of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), an effective treatment approach supported by decades of research. The focus of DBT is on learning how to live in the present moment, balance your mood, tolerate painful events with less suffering, reduce judgmental thoughts, and assert your needs to others while keeping your relationships intact.